Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updates and Stuff

So much has been going on lately so I apologize for not giving any updates. With my dad, getting a business going and moving into the house...Yes I said it.  =O)....I have been pretty busy. with my dad its just been a worry thing since I got back from Illinois.  They are doing all of the work back in Illinois but I think I worry enough for everyone.  LOL  I'm trying very hard not to worry but its something that is ingrained in me.  LOL  I am very happy to say that he is doing well, tired, but well.  He is undergoing chemo and being tired is a side effect.  He's a very strong and determined man and he is taking it day by day, as are we all.  I am just going to appreciate every day that he is still here.

We are almost completely moved into the house.  YAY!  There are still some things that need to be moved over...maybe less than 5% of what we's very little....a few odds and ends, and there are a few things that still need to be done around here, i.e. towel racks, toilet paper holders, washer and dryer....but they are in process and its certainly nothing that prevents us from moving in...which we did.  I forgot how quiet it is here  So peaceful.  It's really nice to have room again too, even though we have a lot of unpacking to do.

So that's it for now.

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  1. Sounds like things are really shaping up, and I am so happy for you and relieved about your dad. *HUGS*